When I first learned I had an advanced breast cancer, I was overwhelmed. I was referred to Dr. Gardner by several local doctors and another from Boston. It was the best thing that has happened and I am grateful to them all. From the first meeting, Dr. Gardner took time to explain the depth of my condition and to make my care a priority. His office and entire staff put me at ease and held my hand through the next weeks of prep, surgery and recovery. If a modified radical mastectomy can be called “a breeze”, this was a breeze because of all of them. Now, 6 months later, my surgery is a memory, chemo is almost over and I am well on my way to recovery and more thankful than I can say. In fact, during a recent visit, Dr. Roberts looked at a toe that was bothering me, made some calls and saved that toe too!! He truly cares for the whole patient, and the patient’s family. I thank God each day that He put Dr. Gardner in my life when I truly needed him and I know he will always be there for me.

Michele A. Henry

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