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The Palm Beach Breast Institute “Breast Care by Design” was established in 1991 to provide answers to women with concerns about breast disease. As the incidence of breast cancer has continued to rise, women have more and more questions about their risk of breast cancer, and what they can do to best protect themselves from the disease and its consequences.

It became clear that women needed a resource for clear, comprehensive answers to these questions. Therefore, providing extensive education, extraordinary service delivery and outreach programs became our main focus.

Since that time our efforts have expanded to include other areas of assistance to women and their families. In addition to the wide array of treatment options, we offer a comprehensive referral network which includes medical professionals, support groups and organizations specializing in the treatment of breast disease. We believe awareness is the first step toward the early detection and possible cure of breast cancer. That is why education and outreach into the community is our main thrust. We encourage women to practice early detection methods, including regularly scheduled mammography, ultrasound, and MRI as determined by their physician. Women should have yearly physical exams by a trained medical professional and diligent monthly breast self-examinations.

The wide differences in types of benign and malignant conditions of the breast are such that we believe each woman deserves a comprehensive and unique plan of evaluation and treatment as special as she is ~ hence Breast Care by Design.

The overall decline in breast cancer mortality has been attributed to improvements in breast cancer treatments, an increase in breast cancer awareness and screening, and changes in the prevalence of breast cancer risk factors.

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting 22% of women worldwide as well as the leading cause of cancer deaths in 14% of all women. It is estimated that globally over one million new cases are diagnosed every year with 375,000 deaths attributable to breast cancer annually.

The breast, a relatively unimportant organ system for the male, is conversely one of the most significant systems in the female serving as the primary source of nutrition for infants and representing a major feminine characteristic that differentiates women from men. So we understand that achieving a kinder and gentler approach to breast cancer treatment while preserving the natural appearance of the breast are of vital importance to all women.

Advances in technology and surgical procedures offer exciting new possibilities to minimize the severity and duration of treatment regimens while also improving the survival rate of cancer patients.

But the key to a successful outcome with pleasing results still remains early detection combined with proper diagnosis. Early detection can only occur if women are aware of its potential benefits and actively seek it. Available state-of-the-art equipment ensures that an accurate diagnosis is achieved. Finally, by identifying the cancer in its early stages, a less aggressive approach to the treatment of both benign and malignant conditions can be realized. is designed to assist you in finding answers to breast questions including a Q and A page specifically devoted to the most frequently asked questions from women concerned with breast disease.

Dr. Robert A. Gardner, M.D.

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