Please read carefully as the life you save may be your own as the breast you save may be your own.


Breast chronicles are presented to you so that you may become much more involved in your own personal breast health care.

Breast chronicles is a work in” progress” presentation of many compiled cases about breast cancer and related issues that are seen by our team members from the 1000s of women and men who have presented to us with these issues over several decades.

These chronicles are not intended to be a substitute for a proper clinical evaluation which includes a history, physical examination and additional imaging studies as needed.

Breast Chronicles – Episode 1:

When a man or woman feels what seems like a lump in the breast, proper evaluation by an experienced breast clinician is definitely indicated.

These chronicles are dedicated to you in hopes that they will be beneficial and appropriate for your breast journey. They will increase awareness leading to the earliest possible detection and diagnosis of malignant and premalignant breast conditions, which is associated with increasing cure rate from these diseases and with increased ability to preserve her breast during treatment.

When either physical examination of the breast is abnormal or breast imaging is abnormal, appropriate action must be taken!

The normal breast is a tear-shaped organ which has a typical feel of tapioca pudding within its mound, but does not itself contain a distinct breast mass, which may be defined as an abnormality that feels something like a frozen pea or lima bean or a “GUMMY BEAR” or a golf ball.

Most of the lobular structures appreciated on breast self-exam by that person or her clinician will not turn out to be breast cancers, but all breast masses or lumps need to be evaluated and have a plan of management developed for them.

The commonest non-solid tissue mass in the lady’s breast is a breast cyst or abnormal collection of fluid within her breast tissue that can be managed by simple aspiration in the office setting with the use of ultrasound for atypical looking ones.

Evaluation of a breast mass should lead to a diagnosis that is confirmed by pathology diagnosis or cytology diagnosis or discovering that what seems to be a mass on physical examination is NOT really a mass.

Proper evaluation of the breast requires asking the man or woman do you feel a mass in either breast and noting their reply.

Evaluation continues by physical inspection, and physical examination of the breast in a variety of positions as shown to you by your breast clinician.
The actual physical examination of the breast is best achieved with the patient on her back rotated slightly so that the nipple is facing the ceiling and using a little water-soluble gel.

Once a breast mass is known or suspected other methods of noninvasive evaluation that are typically employed include either a mammogram or an ultrasound of the breast or both.

Breast chronicles is not a substitute for a visit with your breast clinician. IF YOU SEE, FEEL OR SENSE ANY abnormality with the breast or have serious questions about the breast, which are otherwise not getting answered PLEASE SEE YOUR BREAST CLINICIAN

Some additional breast chronicles segments will be presented, including those for breast pain, breast implants, nipple aspiration, drainage of atypical cysts, fibroadenomas of the breast, abnormal mammograms, cancer of the breast, breast insomnia, breast tumors benign type or malignant type.

We now know that 1 out of every 7 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. We also know that very early detection, diagnosis and treatment is associated with reduced incident of metastatic breast cancer and often treatment does not involve removal of the entire breast at the conclusion of her treatment.

Very, very early detection and diagnosis through antigen antibody testing and other amazing methods are in development.

We need your assistance to achieve this goal. If you or a friend need a breast clinician, we are able to perform that service for you.

More to follow!

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