Breast Cancer Won’t Wait Until the Pandemic Ends!

We evaluate and treat women and men with breast cancer and breast issues.

The good news is that most breast cancer cases are curable on a permanent or lifetime basis if detection and diagnosis is made early.

The tools of Discovery of breast cancer include the self-examination of the breasts as an incidental matter during showers or regular monthly checks, the use of an x-ray of the breast known as a screening mammogram or the use of a breast ultrasound examination and physician’s performed beast check.

The Discovery of something that feels like a frozen pea or lima bean in the breast is a lump in the breast and all lumps in the breast need investigation to determine if they are serious or not serious.

We will evaluate it using the very best methods while adhering to best principals of breast practice to minimize the risk of Covid-19 to ourselves and our patients. We can and will spend the time needed with you to discuss your personal breast care issues.

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